TCDD Grant to Expand Advocacy Training Program


October 20, 2011

Contact: Melissa Loe
Texas Council for Developmental Disabilities
(512) 437-5441

Senator Jeff Wentworth

Senator Jeff Wentworth

Senator Jeff Wentworth announced that the Texas Council for Developmental Disabilities awarded $40,000 for the first year of a two-year grant to Brighton School, Inc., to expand the During the first year, PALS will provide training for 200 parents of children with disabilities on general advocacy and the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). They will also train 60 young adults with disabilities in self-advocacy and 40 professionals/community members in general advocacy. Training is provided in English and Spanish.

“PALS provides specialized training that parents, youth and professionals need so that young adults with disabilities can succeed in school and when they complete high school,” Wentworth said. “This includes training individuals on significant laws, resources and advocacy skills so students can receive appropriate supports and services at school and then transition into employment and community settings.”

TCDD is a 27-member board, dedicated to improving the lives of the 452,620 Texans with developmental disabilities. The council uses a variety of activities — such as grant projects, technical assistance, public awareness and leadership training — to enable people with disabilities to live, grow up, attend school and work in the community. Developmental disabilities are severe, chronic disabilities that occur before the age of 22, such as autism, cerebral palsy, intellectual and developmental disabilities, mental illness, traumatic brain injury and epilepsy.