Senator Gallegos Announces TCDD Grant to Expand SER’s Advocacy Training Program


December 19, 2011

Contact: Melissa Loe
Texas Council for Developmental Disabilities
(512) 437-5441

Senator Mario Gallegos

Senator Mario Gallegos

Senator Mario Gallegos, Jr. (D-Houston) announced that the Texas Council for Developmental Disabilities awarded $40,000 for the first year of a two-year grant to SER-Jobs for Progress to expand its leadership and advocacy skills training program. This includes adding a train-the-trainer approach so they can reach more people and expanding their training materials to provide both in-person workshops and videos and other materials online.

“Over the past three years, SER provided basic leadership and advocacy skills training to about 300 individuals under a grant from TCDD,” Gallegos said. “Under this new grant, SER will continue to target minority groups while also reaching out to youth under the age of 18, Spanish-speakers who have English as a second language, and more community organizations.”

The project will recruit area service providers, community advocates and individuals with developmental disabilities to become self-advocates and also learn how to teach others these skills in their own agencies, schools, organizations and neighborhoods. Trainers will attend a regular, one to two day training session and an additional session where they will gain more in-depth knowledge and skills in teaching, communication and workshop coordination.

TCDD is a 27-member board, dedicated to improving the lives of the more than 450,000 Texans with developmental disabilities. The council uses a variety of activities – such as grant projects, technical assistance, public awareness and leadership training – to enable people with disabilities to live, grow up, attend school and work in the community. Developmental disabilities are severe, chronic disabilities that occur before the age of 22, such as autism, cerebral palsy, intellectual and developmental disabilities, mental illness, traumatic brain injury and epilepsy.

More information on TCDD and its projects is at or call 1-800-262-0334.