Senate Interim Study Topics Released for HHS, Other Committees

Texas Legislature

Since the Texas Legislature only meets for a limited time, House and Senate committees often conduct in-depth studies of important issues during the interim period between legislative sessions. These committees usually make recommendations on each charge which often result in proposed legislation during the next session.

The lieutenant governor recently specified interim charges for the Senate Health and Human Services, Business and Commerce, and Government Organization committees. Numerous topics were already assigned to other House and Senate committees and many of them are holding hearings now and taking public input. Individuals who wish to provide input on any of the charges can submit written comments directly to the committee involved or attend committee hearings.

An overview of key interim charges that could have an impact on people with disabilities is on TCDD’s website. There are also links for the full lists of House and Senate interim charges, as well as the schedules for committee meetings. The next regular session begins Jan. 8, 2013.