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Appendix A, Texas Government Code

2008 Texas Biennial Disability Report

2008 Texas Biennial Disability Report

Title IV, Chapter 531


  1. The commissioner shall direct and require the Texas Planning Council for Developmental Disabilities and the Office for the Prevention of Developmental Disabilities to prepare a joint biennial report on the state of services to persons with disabilities in this state. The Texas Planning Council for Developmental Disabilities will serve as the lead agency in convening working meetings, coordinating and completing the report. Not later than December 1 of each even-numbered year, the agencies shall submit the report to the commissioner, governor, lieutenant governor, and speaker of the house of representatives.
  2. The report will include recommendations addressing the following:
    1. fiscal and program barriers to consumer friendly services;
    2. progress toward a service delivery system individualized to each consumer based on functional needs;
    3. progress on the development of local cross-disability access structures;
    4. projections of future long-term care service needs and availability; and
    5. consumer satisfaction, consumer preferences and desired outcomes.
  3. The commission, Texas Department of Human Services, and other health and human services agencies shall cooperate with the agencies required to prepare the report under Subsection (a).

 As enacted by SB 374, 76th Texas Legislature in 1999. The 76th Legislature also changed the name of the Texas Planning Council for Developmental Disabilities to the Texas Council for Developmental Disabilities (HB 1610).