CDS Participants Given More Flexibility in Electronic Visit Verification


The Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services added more flexibility to the Electronic Visit Verification system for individuals who use the Consumer Directed Services option as of June 1, 2012. While individuals in CDS are still encouraged to use the telephone and computer-based system to document when attendants and similar service providers start and end their work, they now have more alternatives to fit their personal situation.

CDS participants can:

  • Fully participate in EVV by phone and computer.
  • Partially participate by phone plus paper time sheets.
  • Opt out of EVV and use only paper time sheets.

Other changes also make using EVV simpler. For example, CDS employers can have the worker call in on the employer’s cell phone – instead of a land line – if services are provided both at home and in the community.

EVV is currently in DADS Region 2 (Abilene, Wichita Falls and the surrounding areas), Region 4 (Longview, Tyler and the surrounding areas) and Region 9 (Midland, Odessa and the surrounding areas). On August 16, 2012, it expands into DADS Region 3 (Dallas, Denton, Fort Worth and the surrounding areas) and DADS Region 7 (Austin, Temple, Waco and the surrounding areas).

Visit the DADS website for more details on the EVV program and for information on flexibility for people in CDS (PDF).