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Attachment 1: Executive Committee Review of Proposed Activities & Budget

Date: 11/02/11


Grantee: Texas Parent to Parent (TxP2P) Year: 2 of 5

Project Title: Public Policy Collaboration

Project Location: Austin


The project intent is for multiple projects that will assist TCDD to promote and participate in collaborative activities related to public policy. For the purposes of this RFP, “collaboration” is defined as “organizations and/or individuals working together in a formal, sustainable manner; demonstrating mutual respect, mutual learning, and mutual accountability; sharing risks, resources, responsibility, and rewards; with a common goal.

The Council did not establish specific funding amounts for projects; applicants were expected to propose the amount of funds needed to complete the activity or activities they propose. TCDD has approved funding for up to five years.

Project Goals and Accomplishments for Year 1

Goal One

Texas Parent to Parent (TxP2P) will develop the Adopt-a-Legislator Program that will utilize parent volunteers of children with disabilities, young self-advocates or siblings to advocate for community-based issues in health and human services, transportation, housing, employment, and education for people with disabilities.

Accomplishments per goal

The project trained parents to create testimony and present at the Legislative Hearings, reaching 126 self-advocates and 219 family members. The project also trained 1 self-advocate and 1 individual to be TxP2P Advocacy Network volunteers. TxP2P presented to the Central Texas Autism Society on the legislative session and at the Texas Advanced Leadership and Advocacy Conference (TALAC) 2011 on “How to Turn your Concerns into Legislation.”

Proposed Goals and Objectives for Year 2


Same As Above


Train 50 additional parents and 20 additional young self-advocates, write a minimum of 4 Advocacy Pages for Quarterly Newsletter, and provide bi-monthly trainings via conference calls, webinars, and/or Facebook.

Council Considerations: Public Policy Considerations: This project actively supported advocates to present stories to agencies and the legislature. TCDD staff have provided consultation concerning allowable advocacy efforts and strategies. Council to consider continued funding for this project.

Continuation Budget Detail Summary

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