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Minutes — Project Development Committee Meeting, August 5, 2010

(As approved by the Committee November 3, 2010)


Call to Order

The Project Development Committee met on Thursday, August 5, 2010 in the Big Bend C & D Suites at the Hyatt Regency on Lady Bird Lake, 208 Barton Springs Rd., Austin, Texas 78704. Committee member Andrew Crim called the meeting to order at 2:10 P.M. A quorum was present.

Introduction of Committee Members, Staff and Visitors

Committee members, staff and guests were introduced.

Public Comments

No public comments were offered.

Approval of Minutes

The Committee reviewed minutes of the February 11, 2010, Committee meeting.

MOTION: To approve the minutes of the May 6, 2010, Project Development Committee meeting minutes as presented.

MADE BY: Kathy Griffis-Bailey

SECOND: Mary Durheim

The motion passed without opposition.

Chair’s Report

Council member Andrew Crim reviewed with the Committee the material that was discussed in the Executive Committee meeting on Wednesday, August 4, 2010. Those items included the possible November meeting date change to facilitate working with a consultant from the Pennsylvania DD Council, the procedures for Unsolicited Requests for Extensions, Planning Coordinator Joanna Cordry reported that the Executive Committee approved a request from The Arc of Texas’ Microboards Collaboration project to have their funds remain level in the coming year instead of decreasing each year as was originally planned. Grants Management Specialist Wendy Jones explained to the Committee that stipulations would state how the funding could be used and that the total award amount over the five years of the grant would not be increased.

Grants and Projects Report

Projected Available Funds Update

Crim reviewed and discussed with the Committee the available funds and information concerning projected funding available for additional grant projects during coming years. He also reviewed with the Committee the Federal Areas of Emphasis and the Projections Graph and Key charts. Cordry asked the Committee if they wanted to continue printing the Federal Areas of Emphasis in the binder although they will not be used and they agreed that they would like for us to continue printing it with a footnote saying that this is for reference only.

Future Project Funding Priorities

The Committee reviewed the Future Funding Activities Priority List and discussed whether or not the Committee would still be interested in funding the Parent Transition Guide. TEA representative Margaret Christen updated the Committee about an initiative TEA has implemented related to transition. The Committee made a decision to remove the Parent Transition Guide from the list.

MOTION: To remove Parent Transition Guide from the Future Funding Activities Priority List.

MADE BY: John Morris

SECOND: Kristin Cox

The motion passed without opposition.

Projects Training Calendar

The Committee reviewed the TCDD Project Training Schedule. Members were encouraged to attend grantee trainings but were asked to contact TCDD Grants Management staff in advance to liaison with Grantees as a courtesy. Crim reminded Council members that their role when attending is merely as a visitor and not in a “monitoring” capacity.

Staff Activities Report

Grants Management Specialist Sonya Hosey reported that she, Joanna Cordry, Wendy Jones, and Public Information Specialist Lucy Walker had a booth and presented at the Circle of 10 Funders Forum in Winnsboro, Texas in June. The Circle of 10 Funders Forum is an annual event hosted by an organization that brings together funders and organizations seeking funding in order to help develop and support rural communities in East Texas. Cordry reported that they also met with the One Star Foundation about possible collaborative efforts. The One Star Foundation is a non-profit that provides funding and support for development of other nonprofits in the state. One Star is responsible to conduct capacity-building and volunteer development in Texas.

Cordry updated the Committee on the “Outreach and Development Grants.” Staff have been working with someone from the Apalachicola Band of Creek Indians and with someone from the Friends and Families of Asians with Special Needs to complete applications.

Crim and Cordry updated and discussed with the Committee the monthly teleconferences with some of the leadership and advocacy training grantees to help them collaborate and to prepare for legislative session. Public Policy staff have started working with grants staff on these calls to provide support to these grantees for advocacy activities and get input from them. These grants were funded as a group in an effort to develop a network of organizations around the state that provide leadership and advocacy training. Staff have seen positive results from the collaboration efforts, and two of the grantees, Syracuse University and Parents Anonymous, have completed gap analyses related to leadership and advocacy trainings. However, unexpected events created barriers to establishing a strong network as quickly as hoped. Most of these grantees are in their third and last year, and staff are not sure what will happen with this effort when grants end. The Committee discussed the option of extending funding for 1 or 2 years and asked staff to bring back information to the November meeting related to the possible benefits of doing this.

Consideration of Future Funding Activities

Higher Education Project

Christen updated the Committee with information about TEA’s activities around the area of Higher Education. TEA is still in the process of collecting information from the state. The Committee expressed interest in exploring if it would be possible to collaborate with other organizations on a project funded by the U.S. Department of Education, and provided guidance to staff.

Unsolicited Ideas

Crim updated the Committee on the 3 Unsolicited Ideas received. The Sub-Committee determined that none of the ideas were innovative enough to warrant consideration at this time, but might be considered later in the development of the new State Plan. The Committee accepted the recommendation from the Sub-Committee to not consider any of the ideas submitted at this time.

Other Discussion Items

Crim reviewed with the Committee the process for approval of Grants. The majority of Committee members present did not feel the process needed to be changed, but wanted to make sure that all members of the Council had the opportunity to discuss the issues. The Committee decided to recommend that the full Council discuss the process and determine if it should be altered.

MOTION: To recommend that the full Council discuss the possibility of making the final approval of Grants the responsibility of the full Council.

MADE BY: Kristin Cox

SECOND: Mary Durheim

The motion passed without opposition.

TCDD FY 2012 – 2016 State Plan Development Activities

Crim provided an update for the State Plan development from the Committee of the Whole discussion. The Committee had nothing further to discuss on the topic.

Other Discussion Items

The Committee had no additional discussion items.


There being no further business, Committee member Crim adjourned the meeting at 4:18 PM.


Roger A. Webb
Secretary to the Council