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Agenda — August 2010 Executive Committee Meeting

Wednesday, August 4, 2010
Hyatt Regency Hotel, Room: Big Bend A&B, Austin, TX

3:30 PM Call to Order

  1. Introductions of Committee Members, Staff and Visitors
  2. Public Comments
  3. Action Item: Consideration of May 5, 2010, Minutes (Tab 1)
  4. Chair’s Report
    1. Travel Support for Public Members of Advisory Committees
    2. Other Discussion Items
  5. Executive Director’s Report (Tab 2)
    1. TCDD Planning Calendar
    2. Staff Activities Report
      1. Staffing Update
      2. Survey of Employee Engagement
    3. Grants Activities Report
      1. Independent Audit Status Report
      2. Grants Monitoring Exceptions Report
      3. Stipends Applications Approved
    4. NACDD Update
    5. 82nd Texas Legislative Session (Tab 12)
    6. Other Updates
  6. Action Item: Emergency Backup Plans and Succession Planning Procedures (Tab 3)
  7. Action Item: Independent Review Panel Members (Tab 4)
    (Handout: African American Family Support Conference RFP – PDF)
  8. Action Item: Procedures for Unsolicited Requests for Extensions (Tab 5)
  9. Action Item: Consideration of Grant Awards (Tab 6)
    1. The Arc of Texas Microboard Collaboration Continuation Award
    2. Easter Seals of Central Texas Asset Project Continuation Award
    3. TX A&M Research Foundation Youth Leadership and Advocacy Project Continuation Award
    4. TX A&M Research Foundation Brazos Valley Employment Project Request for Extension
    5. Other Discussion Items
  10. Action Item: Consideration of Review Panel Recommendations for AAFSC (Tab 7)
  11. TCDD Quarterly Financial Report (Tab 8)
  12. Action Item: Consideration of TCDD FY11 Operating Budget (Tab 9)
  13. Action Item: Memorandum of Understanding between TCDD and TEA (Tab 10)
  14. Conflict of Interest Disclosures
  15. Other Updates

7:00 PM Adjourn